Monday, June 4, 2012

[LIVE] [MV] 서태지와 아이들 Seo Taiji and Boys - 난 알아요 I Know

서태지와 아이들 - 난 알아요
Seo Taiji and Boys - I Know

1. (Now infamous) debut live (TV) performance (starts at 1:18)
2. Music video

Does this even need an introduction? Taijiboys' debut song, A FUCKING CLASSIC. Taiji is 20 years old here. TWENTY FUCKING YEARS OLD AND A REVOLUTIONARY. I die.

I still contend Seo Taiji and Boys are South Korea's Nirvana, cultural relevancy-wise. With Taiji as Cobain of course (the pained artist with nothing but music as a way of making a living, who was catapulted into fame, etc, etc).

Taiji needs to authorize an official biography.

[MV] [LIVE] 서태지와 아이들 Seo Taiji and Boys - COME BACK HOME 컴백홈

서태지와 아이들 - COME BACK HOME 컴백홈
Seo Taiji and Boys - COME BACK HOME

Music video
my favourite live performance by them I have scrapped from Youtube (with JYP at the end! Surprise!)

This song displays Taijiboys' foray into gangster rap, with a(nother) culturally relevant (yet socially taboo and rarely mentioned) song topic and piercing lyrics. This song really made many runaway teenagers in South Korea "come back home". (Wiki)

The performance captures Taijiboys at the pinnacle of their career, a year before they disbanded (an amicable breakup, mostly due to Taiji's turbulent relationship to fame and excessive external pressure to create music). What the members wore here in this video became the trend ("snowboard fashion") at the time, and Taiji's beanie became his signature mark. All three members (including Yang Hyun-Seok and Lee Juno) look almost leisurely here, and it's clear that they are confident in what they do. They've conquered the nation.

All three members are now still working in music, though they have taken different routes, and continue to shape Korean music in a major way, whether K-pop or not. Yang Hyun-Seok's name is especially on everyone's lips these days, along with YG Entertainment, which he founded, being one of the "big three" companies that have structured the K-pop scene. YG has produced some of the most influential, respected and legitimate K-pop artists in the recent K-pop 2.0 wave, including Big Bang, 2NE1, Jinusean, 1tym, Seven, Gummy, and more. YG also used to (continues to?) foster an underground hip-hop scene with YG Underground, and is the home to the most often talked-about music producers and songwriters.

난 내 삶의 끝을 본적이 있어 내 가슴속은 갑갑해졌어.
내 삶을 막은 것은 나의 내일에 대한 두려움.
반복됐던 기나긴 날 속에 버려진 내 자신을 본 후.
나는 없었어 그리고 또 내일조차 없었어.
내겐 점점 더 크게 더해갔던 이 사회를 탓하던 분노가.
마침내 증오가 됐어 진실들은 사라졌어 혀끝에서.

다시 하나의 생명이 태어났고 또 다시 부모의 제압은 시작됐지
네겐 사랑이 전혀 없는 것 내 힘겨운 눈물이 말라버렸지
무모한 거품은 날리고 흠~ 주위를 둘러봐 널 기다리고 있어
그래 이젠 그만 됐어 나는 하늘을 날고 싶었어
아직 우린 젊기에 괜찮은 미래가 있기에
자 이제 그 차가운 눈물은 닦고 COME BACK HOME

터질 것같은 내 심장은 날 미치게 만들 것 같았지만
난 이제 깨달았어 날 사랑했다는 것을

YOU MUST COME BACK HOME 떠나간 마음보다는 따뜻한.
YOU MUST COME BACK HOME 떠나간 마음보다는 따뜻한.